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Will version 3.0 support be in rel?

Elhanan Fine   ( User )

Commented 8 months ago

Peace and blessing.
I've just been informed that version 3.0 will soon be released, and thank you very much for that.
Will there be 3.0 support for rtl?
In fact, although half of the Hebrew language has been translated, the interface has not yet been updated into Hebrew, nor is there support for rtl.
This makes it very difficult to use the system as my primary accounting software.
Will you soon add rtl?
Thank you very much, Elchanan.

Elhanan Fine   ( User )

Commented 8 months ago

I found inakaunting the best accounting software.
My problem is that local vendors are not willing to accept a receipt without rtl, which interferes with usage.
Maybe there's a way I can add a rtl? Maybe a paid plugin?

Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 8 months ago

Hello Elhanan,

Yes, Akaunting 3.0 ships with RTL support built-in for free.

Best regards

Elhanan Fine   ( User )

Commented 7 months ago

I just checked the last version with thertl, looks great, and I want to say thank you for that.
Only unfortunately there is a bug when you choose to download an invoice as a pdf or when you send the invoice by email, on the invoice itself there is actually no support for rtl, can you arrange it? I attach a picture:

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