Also cannot connect to MySQL database

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  • Maestrojal    ( User ) 5 months ago

    Hello, I'm running this on my own Ubuntu 18.04 server.  I've downloaded the stable release and have also tried the developmental release.  No matter which way I attempt to install Akaunting, I'm stalled on the database option.  I have even edited the .env file to include the correct information.  I have granted all priviledges to the proper user and database in MySQL. Not sure what I can do differently.  I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the actual website and storage priviledges?  Any insight here would be greatly appreciated!

  • Maestrojal    ( User ) 5 months ago

    Will answer my own question.  Somehow my initial MySQL database for Akaunting was deleted.  I may not have recreated it properly after trying to install it, wiping it, and trying again.  I'm up and running.

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