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  • Stewart    ( User ) 6 months ago

    Looking through the google hits, many people seem to encounter the same category of error over and over again when trying to install Akaunting.

    Admittedly, many requests for help are of type "plz email me teh codez", but many installers also look competent.

    In the forums, one typical answer to these install errors is, "Follow the instructions", or a link to a webpage which contains similar.

    The missed point here is: The Instructions Don't Always Work!!

    Nowhere have I found anybody giving an explanation as to the underlying config or mechanics as to why these errors might happen.

    Examples include:
    - generating of a key for the .env file
    - needing to clear the config cache for the .env file
    - needing to drop all tables and restart installation again

    Currently I'm facing one where the installation reports, "Table 'akaunting.companies' doesn't exist" but I have no idea why it might report this, when .env has the line "DB_PREFIX=xyzzy" instead.

    Is anyone from the Akaunting team please not able to supply a page or "list of common install errors" ??

  • Marco Bridge    ( User ) 6 months ago

    That's more than normal if you don't follow the instructions.

    There is NO mention about the .env file, so DON'T touch it.

  • Stewart    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Sorry Marco, but your reply is less than helpful.My assertion is that the instructions don't work.Your reply is:1. Yes they do2. You didn't read / follow them.Both of which are 100% untrue.

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