Copying Akaunting 2.0.22 files all day

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  • Kamal    ( User ) 1 week ago
    I tried to update software, It reaches up to 60% and remains same all day with saying Copying Akaunting 2.0.22 files. Why is it?
    I am trying to update from 2.0.19. It is on live server. It happens on local as well. After more than 50 tries, it succeeded on local.
    And why this software takes too long to open, even on local and even on live? How can we make it fast?
  • Kamal    ( User ) 1 week ago
    Now, it does nothing, just give
    Akaunting 2.0.22
    but does not update. when clicking on Update Akaunting to 2.0.22 version.
    Shall I upload all file to the server again deleting old files and keeping the same database?
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 1 week ago
    It seems that the resources of your server too low. You should ask your hosting company to increase CPU, RAM, etc. resources otherwise you'll have continuous problems.
  • Kamal    ( User ) 6 days ago
    I checked the resources and is enough in my server, it has not even reached to close to limit.
    Before it reached to 60% everytime. But on clicking 'Update Akaunting to 2.0.22 version. It just show Akaunting 2.0.22. It does nothing. My version is still 2.0.19. Why it is not updating?
  • Kamal    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Finally, it crashed I think. I lost most of my data too. Can we recover our data. Even I download all files and database to my local and run on local. Now it cannot be updated. The progress is disappeared now when clicked on update to Akaunting 2.0.22.
  • Kamal    ( User ) 2 days ago
    I completely install new 2.0.22 software but now can't install apps.

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