Crahses on website!

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  • Adarsha    ( User ) 4 months ago
    I created a subdomain, installed a fresh copy of Akaunting downloaded from your site.
    whenever I try to install apps, the site stops and writing appears "Whoops, looks like something went wrong"

    Need some help to finish this asap
  • Nassim Nasibullah    ( User ) 4 months ago
    Open your .env file and change APP_DEBUG=false to APP_DEBUG=true;
    From the ... When debug is enabled, you'll see a long stack trace on your screen:.
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 4 months ago
    I've been using Acaunting a long time.
    I also have such a mistake from recently.
    I did the editing of the file as recommended above (APP_DEBUG = true) - many errors are now displayed.
    I don't know how here to send the data screen((
  • Nassim Nasibullah    ( User ) 3 months ago
    run composer on your www.akauning folder and then you are able to see the errors, copy it from your composer with select and Ctrl+c command and past it with Ctrl+v here or capture screenshot with snipping tools etc and save it to zip or JPG or PDF format and share it via google drive or other source and past here the sharing link of it

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