Crahses on website!

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  • Adarsha    ( User ) 1 week ago
    I created a subdomain, installed a fresh copy of Akaunting downloaded from your site.
    whenever I try to install apps, the site stops and writing appears "Whoops, looks like something went wrong"

    Need some help to finish this asap
  • Nassim Nasibullah    ( User ) 6 days ago
    Open your .env file and change APP_DEBUG=false to APP_DEBUG=true;
    From the ... When debug is enabled, you'll see a long stack trace on your screen:.
  • Nadiya Mega    ( User ) 5 days ago
    I've been using Acaunting a long time.
    I also have such a mistake from recently.
    I did the editing of the file as recommended above (APP_DEBUG = true) - many errors are now displayed.
    I don't know how here to send the data screen((

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