Impossible upgrado to new versions

Posted in CategoryInstallation & Update
  • Mauricio Arizaga    ( User ) 1 week ago
    I am stuck in version 1.3.18 and I have not been able to update any more and I would really like to take advantage of the updates and improvements. Automatic update gives me error. I have tried installing a fresh version and then importing invoices and clients. And tempoco was possible, the clients and products import them but the invoices impossible. Do you have any solution, is it possible to fix the updater?
  • Sinan Topal    ( User ) 6 days ago
    What kind of error do you get during the update?
  • Mauricio Arizaga    ( User ) 6 days ago
    It simply does not allow me to update, I attach screenshots so you can see it, if you want I can give you access to my account because I suppose it must happen to several. It even does not allow me to import the invoices to a fresh installation because they have different structures. Thank you

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