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Install with XAMPP

Ml   ( User )

Commented 4 months ago

I am "new" to using this tool.

I installed Akaunting in a XAMPP test environment on a Windows 10 machine, with PHP 7.4

As described in other forum posts, the first requirements checker reports PHP version incompatibility, although it is regularly running version 7.4

But I followed the indications provided by other users, forcing the start of the installation procedure from language rather than requirements.
The phase of creation of the tables in the database went well.

The problem occurs instead in the third phase, when you set the data of the company, the user and the password...
Once you click on the confirmation button, the procedure seems to "get lost in nothing".
It waits for I don't know what... The cursor flashes continuously, but the procedure does not finish.

Can anyone tell me what I can check?

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