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Installation error on live server.

Veev   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

Error: Ask your hosting provider to use PHP 8.0.2 or higher for both HTTP and CLI.
How to fix this error./
Thanks !

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 1 year ago


You should ask your hosting provider to fix it.

Best regards

Jürg Hunziker   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

I got the same error during the installation. It seems that akaunting doesn't get the php executable from the PATH variable (PhpExecutableFinder.php is overwritten) but tries to guess it from the setup. In my case it always resolved to `php` which is an older version of PHP in my shared hosting. I could solve it by creating a `.env` file in the root folder of akaunting with the following content:

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