Installation on wampserver on a personal computer

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  • Pragyan    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Please anyone make a step by step tutorial (if possible video tutorial) on installing Akaunting on wampserver on a personal computer.
    I've spent a whole lot of time but still no success.
  • Pragyan    ( User ) 4 days ago
    I just discovered an alternative to wampserver, it's XAMPP.
    Akaunting just works out-of-the-box in XAMPP.

    1. Install XAMPP & copy the 'akaunting' directory to xampp/htdocs/
    2. Start Apache & MySQL
    3. Go to 'localhost' in web-browser
    4. Click 'phpMyAdmin' at the top right
    5. Create a database 'akaunting' (any name you like)
    6. Go to localhost/akaunting (the name of the directory in step-1)

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