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installing on https through vestacp/softaculous

Fernando Bender   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

dear fellows,

i just installed akaunting throguh a centos + vestacp + nginx + hph-fpm + softaculous.

the nginx virtual host has letsencrypt ssl working.

i chose

the ./auth/login yields a 404 error.

but if i go to it works perfectly.

to make it work on https:// we need to edit the respective virtual host ssl.conf file and add this line

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

to the 'location / {' entry

it worked for me.

tks. great product.

Ahmet Kurucan   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

Fernando, if you're familiar with GitHub, can you please add it to the documentation?

Fernando Bender   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

i'd be glad to, however i don't know how to do it.

if you guide me, i could.

by the way, that workaround is bounded to nginx, not the complete stack. It's the counterpart of apache's RewriteEnable On.



Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 4 years ago

Fernando, here you can find some articles:

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