Need to move a company from one URL instance to another

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  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 week ago


    I have a company instance which i installed separately to test and ensure it works well. 


    I now need to move it to my main instance where i have multiple companies listed.

    How do I move the company into the main instance? Export and import? Is there such facility?

  • Marco Bridge    ( User ) 1 week ago

    You can try export import.

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 week ago

    Where do I find that? 

  • Marco Bridge    ( User ) 6 days ago

    On top of every page.

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 6 days ago

    Surely there must be a function which exports all the tables of every page at once?

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 5 days ago

    Issues faced when moving a company to a new instance:


    1- Bank accounts are not exportable

    2- settings are not exportable, such as currency, company details, logo, etc

    3- in invoice, some zero total invoices are not IMPORTABLE

    4- in Payments, the CREDITs in MINUS figure are not IMPORTABLE

    5- Because Bank Accounts are not Imported, transactions throws error message.

    Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

    6- When Bank accounts are created, it immediately throws a total as it obtains it from database.  No transactins shows nor can it be moved.

    7- Double Entry Chart of Accounts not EXPORTABLE/IMPORTABLE

    8- Any entry from Double Entry CANNOT be moved



    It's safe to say that at this point, a company CANNOT be moved to another instance, nor can it be fully exported. Therefore inputting live data is at great risk.

    The system CANNOT be deployed into a live environment.

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 5 days ago

    9- item categories cannot be moved.

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 5 days ago

    10- Journal Entries cant be exported/imported.

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