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PHP 8.0.2 or higher error

Jon_Ak Jon_Ak   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

I have read many other posts regarding this installation problem & I too am trying to overcome this. Our server is Windows 2019 with all updates applied, IIS v10 & PHP versions 8.1.4 & 8.2.1 installed & (3) other PHP apps installed & running on our server.
Akaunting 3.0.11 has its files living in a folder that has no spaces in the name & resides right off the root. The same goes for both PHP versions. I have verified the PHP version from the CLI & it returns 8.2.1(cli) & 4.2.1 Zend. I have paths established to the PHP folders & pathext to include the PHP extension. I have even gone as far as commenting out the installer.php line where it checks for the php version but all that does is generate a 500 error. I also tried inserting the PHP_BINARY variables into the .env file which BTW, has to be renamed from the sample that is provided. This does not allow anything to load when trying to run the installation. Am I correct in stating that the .env file does not get created until after a successful installationt?
I would like to run Akaunting & test to see if it meets our company needs but I cannot get beyond this error.

Babak Fakhamzadeh   ( User )

Commented 8 months ago

I tried to install Akaunting3.1 and ran into the same problem. My server runs PHP8.1, as does the CLI.

I edited the file /app/Utilities/Installer.php, commenting out line 124:

$requirements[] = trans('install.error.php_version', ['php_version' => AKAUNTING_PHP]);

This allowed me to install Akaunting on my server.

Jon_Ak Jon_Ak   ( User )

Commented 8 months ago

Thanks Babak. I wound up installing the 8.0.x version of PHP just to get the installation going. Will keep this change in mind when I'm complete with evaluation & if I choose to utilize Akaunting.

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