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Stuck on Login

Ginan Noona   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

I just installled a docker container of Akauting on container station, i was able to access it on the browser but im stuck on the login page. nothing happens when i click on login the loading animation just keeps going. I thought this might be something about connecting the database, i already have an existing database but i did not encounter a part where i have to connect the database when installing the akaunting contianer, i just thought that might be the problem. i did not change anything on the environment settings as welll incase that might be important to mention. what could be the problem of not being able to login ? and how do i connect my existing database ?

Nigelchen Nigelchen   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

same issue here; and another issue, once I have changed add my own volumes rather than default, it will show 403 when i try to open the url.

Sbsoo111 Sbsoo111   ( User )

Commented 11 months ago

i fixed mine via change and add these into your run.env:

# You should change this to match your reverse proxy DNS name and protocol

and don't forget to put a strong password into your mysql db in the db.env and run.env file too. always check the mariadb and app docker container error, it will lead you the way to find out what make wrong

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