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  • Tiago Carvalho    ( User ) 3 years ago

    It seems the installation only looks for mysql as database.

    Is it possible to use postgresql?

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 years ago

    Tiago, the next version will be able to install on other databases

  • Gregory Buchberger    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Usgin Pgsql 9.6 I find that there are type issues with the sort of casting Mysql does not complain about :

    here is the main error :

    Datatype mismatch: 7 ERROR:  column "enabled" cannot be cast automatically to type boolean          

      HINT:  You might need to specify "USING enabled::boolean". (SQL: ALTER TABLE currencies ALTER enabled TYPE BOOLEAN)

  • John Rempel    ( User ) 1 year ago
    Are there instructions for configuring Akaunting to use PostgreSQL? I have a server with these software versions:
    Ubuntu 19.10
    PostgreSQL 12
    PHP 7.3

    The installation instructions assume MySQL/MariaDB (I think) and I can't see how to select PostgreSQL, even though the requirements say "Database (eg: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server)".

    I'd appreciate a pointer.
  • Konrad Steinmuller    ( User ) 2 months ago
    When you are entering the database details in the setup stage, after you click connect, the database will fail (because its looking for mysql driver by default).
    What you need to do is log into your site and edit the ".env" file in the www directory.
    You have to run the connection to the database at least once to generate this .env file.
    Here you can change the driver to pgsql. You can then go back to the setup page and try to enter the database details again...

    It should work.… however.…

    I have found that the Postgres implementation is quite broken. I found I couldn't add new currencies at all, and had similar problems adding other entities into the system.
    No problems at all with the mysql backend.

    So it will log in, and it looks like its working, but in reality it is unusable.

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