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Version of PHP

Adis Selman   ( User )

Commented 6 months ago

At the beginning of the installation, there is an error for the PHP version, it is looking for version 8.0.2 or higher, and the version on the hosting is 8.0.20
Error: Ask your hosting provider to use PHP 8.0.2 or higher for both HTTP and CLI.

Fatih Gucuko   ( User )

Commented 5 months ago

I have the same error, and i cant update with or without PHP CLI

Serg   ( User )

Commented 5 months ago

A have this problem until I've added path to PHP in my env vars
For windows: My Computer -> Properties -> Adv. System settings -> Env. Variables -> System Variables -> Edit 'Path' var and add path to dir with PHP "C:\xampp\php\" in my case.

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