Whoops, looks like something went wrong

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  • Frazi Shoib    ( User ) 3 years ago

    While install the database in my cloud hosting, error Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

    came out.. please help

  • Hayden Whiteman    ( User ) 3 years ago

    I also had this issue.

    As a temporary fix try replacing

    public static function registerLoader(callable $callable) : void


    public static function registerLoader(callable $callable)

    in file

    <source directory>\vendor\doctrine\annotations\lib\Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationRegistry.php

    on line 112.

    This fixed the issue. However this is not a long term/permanent fix.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 years ago

    Frazi, Hayden, what is your PHP version?

  • Denison Carneiro    ( User ) 3 years ago


    I also had the same problem, hostgator hosting


    PHP versão 5.6.14

    MySql: 5.5.40

  • Kelver Inacio    ( User ) 3 years ago

    Hi Sirs


    I am having the same error, can you please assist me? admin can you assist me on


    waiting for you

  • LIAO ALI    ( User ) 3 years ago

    Hi, when I wanna create new currency / vendor / etc, it shown something went wrong. Please help. Thanks.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 years ago

    We've just released 1.0.3 version with several bug fixes, can you please try now again?

  • Rafael Ravasi    ( User ) 1 year ago
    latest version and the same error

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