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  • Julian
    Julian Roddis   ( User ) 10 months ago

    Hi, I'm very new to this....I have uploaded the files to my windows server, set all the IIS & domain up, and when I run the install wizard I can select the Language, but then when I click next I get:-


    (1/1) FatalErrorException

    Cannot declare class Illuminate\Support\HtmlString, because the name is already in use

    in HtmlString.php (line 7)


    Any pointers to get this to move on would be greatly received.

    Best regards


  • Julian
    Julian Roddis   ( User ) 10 months ago

    That problem seems to have resolved itself.....

    I moved on to step 2 Database install, and now it won't accept any of the details that I put in.


    Hostname:    localhost or ip address

    Username:    root

    Password:     *password for above db user*

    Database:     ficba_aka


    Please please please help.....



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