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A great way to track the employee expenses

Halim Turkoglu   ( Admin )

Commented 1 year ago

There is this new app allows you to track your expenses efficiently and spending much less time.

With the Expenses app, you can manage, create and follow the expenses that's been made by the employees on behalf of your company while delivering the work.

How it works?

You can manage expenses both paid by the company or employee with the Expenses app. Also, employees can create requests for reimbursements for their expenses with a page containing information such as taxes, expense date, and employee information.

These requests then can be approved by the company owner or an administrator to pay back them.

With a set of widgets, you can check the paid, pending, etc. expenses. It’s fully integrated with Akaunting reports.

There is 30% discount until 10th of May, with the coupon code "EXPNS30".

Check the app from the link below:

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