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The Customer Statement app is out!

Halim Türkoğlu   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

Keeping your customers informed about their activities is important to any serious business. Now, with the Customer Statement application, you can send your customers the statements of their accounts with a few easy clicks.

The Customer Statement is an application that allows listing the payments of your customers over a certain period of time. This app shows when and how much your customer was billed.

There is a 20% discount for a limited time. Check the new Customer Statement app now.

Ziyaad Hajee   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

HI Halim

Selenakale   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

Looking forward to you sharing more information, I have been looking for it for days.
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Halim Türkoğlu   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago


The Vendor Statement app will be published in the app store soon. Please follow our social media channels to keep up to date.

Halim Türkoğlu   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

The Vendor Statement app is now out on the app store!

Arbrejarke   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

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Fazenda   ( User )

Commented 7 months ago

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