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The Vendor Statement app is out!

Halim Türkoğlu   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

You’re working with a large number of vendors and in a need of a tool to send out statements? Then the Vendor Statement app is an essential tool for you in Akaunting.

Select the date range, create the statements and send them with just a click. That's how simple to use the Vendor Statement app.

Controlling vendor payments is one of the most critical steps for a business. For vendors to supply new orders/services to your business, managing and checking the pending payments on a timely basis is essential.

Simplify the process and manage vendor payments with ease using the vendor statement app.

You can send statements of accounts to your vendors to let them know all transactions that took place between you and a particular vendor for a given period of time. The Vendor Statement Report includes:

- Bills sent
- Payment registered
- Closing balance

Get the app:

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