Every page load calls

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  • Tim    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Why does Akaunting need to phone home on every page load? If internet disconnects, then the app does not work on the local network.


    Normal page loads here are about 900ms which is disgusting.


    Loosing a little trust for this platform

  • Sven Neumann    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Are those calls for the update check? Which URL is called?

  • Tim    ( User ) 3 months ago

    No idea. I didn't have time to look into it. I only opened windows 10 network monitor and saw PHP call this address everytime

  • Tim    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Can't edit, but why need to check updates every page?

  • Sven Neumann    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Just figured out what's happening: Akaunting is checking for new notifications from their API:



    You can disable calls by editing app/Traits/Modules.php:

    Look For "getRemote" function and instantly return false instead if making the call.



  • Tim    ( User ) 3 months ago

    Yeah, made the loadNotifications return false and shaved off 200ms. Offline mode is still hindered by Google fonts though, will copy the theme and make a version with local fonts.

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