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Getting Akaunting up and running on your local or remote server takes a few minutes.

The guide below will walk you through the process.

  1. Visit https://akaunting.com/download to download  Akaunting.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package.
  3. Upload all the required files to your server.

Launching the Installer

Click on http://your-domain/akaunting-directory in your browser.

This will launch the installation wizard. The installation wizard takes you through the following steps.

  • Select your language
  • Set up your database.
  • Add an admin
  • Login

Selecting Your Language

Select your preferred language.

Selecting your language

Akaunting is available in 50+ languages.

Setting up your database

Add the database connection details – Hostname, Username, Password, and Database Name.

Setting up your database

Add an Admin

You can add the Company Name & E-mail and create a new Administration account.

Add an Admin


After completing the installation, you can log into the admin panel with your account details.

Login to admin


If there are any issues regarding installation, please visit the Installation & Update category of the Akaunting community forum.

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