Learn more about the trademark policy of Akaunting

The word "Akaunting" and the Akaunting logo are trademarks owned by the Akaunting Software Inc. We would like to extend fair usage of our trademarks as widely as possible, so we have created the following guidelines to help people understand what is (and isn't) ok.

Permission for Use

Written permission from the Akaunting Technology Inc. is required to use the Akaunting name or logo as any part of your project or associated assets. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about permission for use.

The purpose of a trademark is not to prevent anyone else in the world from using it, it is to prevent confusion amongst consumers as to which brand is the "official" one. Our primary criteria for the approval or denial of trademark usage requests is whether or not people might confuse it for an official Akaunting Inc. project.

Automatic Approval

In some special cases, we will grant automatic permission for a project to use the Akaunting trademark. Explicit permission to use the trademark is not required when a project meets the following criteria:

  1. You exclusively use the Akaunting trademark to either extend or improve the Akaunting software, or to encourage the use of the Akaunting software (in short — "foster the Akaunting software" ).
    • Ok: An open access, free monthly newsletter called "Akaunting Weekly"
    • Ok: A freely distributed Akaunting theme called "Gold Plated Akaunting"
    • Not Ok: A Akaunting fork called "A Non-Sucky Version of Akaunting"
    • Not Ok: Selling tshirts with the Akaunting logo to raise money for another cause
  2. The Akaunting trademark is used in a domain name, title of website, seminar, software package, book, magazine or video that is exclusively intended to foster the Akaunting software and does not suggest an "official link".
    • Automatic Approval: A non-commercial website called
    • Automatic Approval: A keynote called Getting Started with Akaunting
    • Requires Permission: A book titled The Official Akaunting Guide
    • Requires Permission: A commercial website called
  3. The Akaunting trademark is used for the title of a conference or meet-up, but not in combination with the words: conference, conf, convention or foundation.
    • Ok: Akaunting Annual Meetup 2013
    • Not Ok: AkauntingConf London
  4. You want to display the official Akaunting logo (whether for commercial or non-commercial use) in a standalone and unaltered form.
    • Ok: Putting the Akaunting logo on your product packaging
    • Not Ok: Changing the colours or shape of the Akaunting logo for your purposes
  5. You want to use the Akaunting trademark to describe your product or services without implying any kind of official link to the Akaunting Inc.
    • Ok: referring to your services as specialising in Akaunting development
    • Not Ok: referring to yourself as The Akaunting Consultant

Automatic Restriction

In some specific cases, you will always require explicit permission from the Akaunting Inc. in order to use the Akaunting trademark. Even if you meet the criteria for automatic approval, you must always seek permission for trademark use if your project meets any of the following criteria:

  1. The use of the Akaunting trademark suggests an "official link" between your product or service and the Akaunting Inc. For example:
    • A domain called
    • A company called Akaunting Development Ltd
    • A website titled Akaunting Support Agency
  2. The Akaunting trademark is used as part of a "Akaunting.tld" domain name. For example:
  3. The Akaunting trademark is used as part of a domain name that covers an entire category of products or services that are relevant to the Akaunting community. For example:
  4. The Akaunting trademark is used as part of the name of a company, organisation, trade name or association. For example:
    • Akaunting Users Germany
    • Akaunting Inc
    • Akaunting Bloggers Association
  5. You would like to use the Akaunting trademark as a part of an advertising campaign. For example:
    • Google Adwords/Adsense
    • Facebook promoted posts
    • A television advertisement

Applying for Permission

If you would like to apply for permission to use the Akaunting trademark based on the guidelines above, please contact us including your full details and the details of your requested use.

Your application's approval will be considered based primarily on whether the product or service in question...

  • Suggest an offical link or could lead to confusion about being an official project
  • Promotes Akaunting usage around the world
  • Is released under an open source license compatible with Akaunting's license
  • Is created by significant contributors to the Akaunting open source project
  • Has a positive impact on the overall Akaunting community

Rules of Usage

With the exception of the "nominative fair use" of the Akaunting trademark, your use of the trademark is subject to the following rules (irrespective of whether you received automatic or explicit permission for use):

  1. Any use of the Akaunting trademark indicates acceptance of this policy.
  2. The Akaunting trademark cannot be used for illegal, defamatory or humiliating purposes, or any other purpose that may negatively impact the Akaunting software or Akaunting Inc.
  3. Wherever possible, the Akaunting trademark should be accompanied by the following text (or an appropriate translation): Akaunting is a trademark of the Akaunting Inc.

These trademark rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to check this agreement periodically for changes.

These trademark rules are released under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, with thanks to for authoring the original version.