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Get a complete backup of your financials with the Backup&Restore app. Automatically or manually.

Backup every part of your Akaunting, including invoices, items, bills, settings, and more. Make backups based on companies and restore them with just one click. Keep them in Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or on your computer.

Backing up your financials is important to make instant changes, stay safe from losing any client information; tax, income, expense, profit, etc. reports, and more. The best solution to prevent data loss is backing up them especially when it comes to critical data such as financials. 

This app gives the possibility to automatically backup your Akaunting in specific time periods and saves your time. Finally, you can restore these backups through the app, with just one click. 

Ever wanted to migrate from Akaunting Cloud to your own server?

With the Backup & Restore App, you can easily transfer your Akaunting from the cloud to your own server, and vice versa.

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