Stok Yönetimi

Accounting and Inventory management under one roof.

The current inventory of Akaunting lets you keep track of your stock at a basic level. With this app, you can do advanced inventory management, using native inventory features like Composite Items, Item Groups, Packages, Shipments, and Bulk Adjustments.

You will be able to see a complete overview of all the stocked products that you have. You can also automatically generate in-detailed reports with the simple click of a button.

Take inventory management to the next level by creating a fully customizable product catalog to take complete control over your sale and purchase processes.

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Geliştirici Akaunting Inc
Sürüm 2.1.8
Uyumluluk 1.x 2.x
Ekleme T. 09 Apr 2019
Güncelleme T. 1 month ago
Kategori Envanter
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