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Working with the most confusing workplace app doesn't help your small business growth. That's why Akaunting simplifies managing your financial data for business productivity.

Akaunting vs. QuickBooks Online

Your choice of Accounting software can complicate your business workflow. Akaunting provides an out-and-out alternative solution with no limits to how you choose to manage your bookkeeping processes.

QuickBooks Online
Unlimited users
Not available
Unlimited apps
Not available
Unlimited employees/contractors
Not available
Auto-sync bank feeds
Connect/Split invoices
Payroll management
Inventory management
Multiple currencies
Not available
Responsive customer support
Not pocket friendly

Remove Bookkeeping Complexities with The Best Alternative to Quickbooks

Make the most of your time with accounting software that supports business productivity.

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Accounting software features for your business continuity

Akaunting focuses on solutions that take care of your day-to-day accounting needs from small beginnings to maturity.

A better way to send money.

Unlimited Invoices & Bills

Create an unlimited number of invoices and bills, all for FREE. Auto-send Invoice reminders and get paid faster. You can customize invoices and professionally stand out to your customers.

Unlimited Customers

Add multiple customers as your business grows and see their transaction details. Evaluate their impact on your business and prioritize service delivery where necessary.


Get a clear view of each small business's financial performance with daily reports. Auto-generate reports and see a snapshot of scheduled expenses and income on a dashboard.

Double-Entry Accounting

Keep proper recordings of your business chart of accounts. Manage a general ledger, journal entry, and trial balance, ensuring your books are always in line with GAAP requirements.

Do more than just bookkeeping with add-on features

With over 100+ apps on the Akaunting store, Akaunting lets you customize your financial management processes.

Point of Sale (POS)
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Akaunting is what Quickbooks should be for small businesses. (And I don't mean that as a slight). I'm not an accountant, but I can use this to run two small businesses and do what I need year-round and during tax season, and I didn't need to take online classes, watch hour-long videos, or read books to get going. It just works. Anyone considering Quickbooks for anything under a million-dollar business - should give this a shot first. Quickbooks seems to be targeting NetSuite these days, and that leaves out anyone who doesn't have a full-time accountant and finance team (and I.T., honestly). Not to mention the price of Quickbooks is just insane. This is a great program/platform/whatever you want to call it.
Michael, Real Estate
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Translated in 50+ languages, the ease of doing accounting makes Akaunting the favorite of small businesses in 100+ countries.

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