Özel Alanlar

by Akaunting Inc

Ever wanted to show additional attributes on a customer, ite...

Ever wanted to show additional attributes on a customer, item, or account? Through this app, you have a seamlessly integrated way to show them on the invoice.

There are 8 different field types at the moment (Text, Text Area, Select Box, Checkbox, Radio Button, Date, Time, Date & Time) and more will come.

You can add as many custom fields as you want to different pages such as an Item, Invoice, Revenue, Customer, Bill, Payment, Vendor, Account, and Transfer.

Finally, you can select where to show the custom field, like before/after any field in the related form and Akaunting updates don't break anything.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Increase your productivity

By subscribing, you don't have to worry about any kind of upgrade costs. Just keep using the software and enjoy all the new features as long as your subscription lasts.

What's included

  • Pay-as-you-go

  • Unlimited installation

  • Updates & support during the subscription period

  • Secure cloud storage

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₺55 per month

Billed yearly.

You save $328 a year!

I want to use my own server.





30 Nov 2018

Just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great app.


17 Nov 2018

Woohoo this was the missing feature of Akaunting and here it is. Thank you so much guys for making such a flexible app and allowing us to turn Akaunting into a CRM/ERP. I can't believe I can even select before/after which current field I want to show the custom field :)
Looking for more field types to come, such as conditional/dependent fields.

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