Customer/Vendor Balances

by Raphael Owino

Manage your capital, debts, and receivables in one place.

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Maintaining your financial balances is very important to your business. Controlling your capital, debts, and receivables is one of the most critical elements to knowing the steps you will take.

The Customer/Vendor Balances app offers you the ease of taking control of the information of your debts and receivables. 

The Customer/Vendor Balances app can also help you stay in control of your business operations, allowing you to monitor your vendors and customers. This is an effective app that can help you streamline your business operations.

With the Customer/Vendor Balances app you are able to view your outstanding invoices and keep track of your customer debt. The app makes it easier to manage your business and helps you to become more efficient, by allowing you to focus on the most important task of growing your business. It works well with Credit/Debit notes and makes it easier to see the whole balance of a customer or a vendor.

The Customer/Vendor Balances app is perfect for managing your debts and receivables. It allows you to keep the information up-to-date and gives you a clear overview of the balances of your debtors and vendors. All the information is in a single place, so you can easily check up on your receivables and payables.


  • View total vendor, bill totals, debit notes, and balance 
  • View total customer, invoice totals, credit notes, and balance 

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