Çift Giriş

by Akaunting Inc

Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheets and more.

Double Entry accounting. Effortlessly.

Looking for Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance? This app brings the double-entry accounting features to Akaunting.

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29 Nov 2018

I love what Akaunting offers within the core and through this app. Manual journal entries resolve my bookkeeping errors. Trial balance is my favorite report and would recommend adding an aging report.


18 Oct 2018

Akaunting offers a single-entry bookkeeping service on its core platform which is great if one tries to keep their books. But, at our company, we have some investors and need to be more diligent to stakeholders. So, we have a crucial need to hold our books as a chart of accounts. With the double-entry accounting app, we are able to make a transaction in two separate accounts for one transaction.

We used to use Freshbooks for bookkeeping and realized that it was not easy to set the assets equal to the liabilities and the equity. So, we started to look for tools that offer double-entry service. The investors and management team is concerned about data privacy. And, we ended up using Akaunting, and it's double-entry app.

Pros: Double-entry app increases financial accountability.
Cons: None :-)


12 Sep 2018

Double entry bookkeeping was the missing feature of Akaunting and I'm glad to see it getting improved each day. Keep up the great work guys.

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