Canlı Kur

by Akaunting Inc

This app allows you to retrieve live currency exchange rates...

This app allows you to retrieve live currency exchange rates from various services such as Fixer, Open Exchange Rates, Google, and a lot more and save them into Akaunting, automatically. Don't waste your time updating currencies manually, Live Currency will sync the rates for you.

Here is the list of the available services:

Service Base Currency Quote Currency
Fixer EUR (free, no SSL), * (paid) *
currencylayer USD (free), * (paid) *
European Central Bank EUR *
National Bank of Romania RON *
Central Bank of Turkey * TRY
Central Bank of Czechia * CZK
Central Bank of Russia * RUB
WebserviceX * *
1Forge * (free but limited or paid) * (free but limited or paid)
Cryptonator * Crypto (Limited standard currencies) * Crypto (Limited standard currencies)
CurrencyDataFeed * (free but limited or paid) * (free but limited or paid)
Open Exchange Rates USD (free), * (paid) *
Xignite * *
Currency Converter API * *

* means all currencies

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  • Unlimited installation

  • Updates & support during the subscription period

  • Secure cloud storage

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₺55 per month

Billed yearly.

You save $328 a year!

I want to use my own server.





27 Oct 2020

It’s making my accounting easier by keeping the currencies updated. Good work.


17 Sep 2020

It comes with many useful services and works smoothly. Recommended!


10 Aug 2020

So easy to use. It just does its job simply.


12 Jul 2020

I don’t need to follow the exchange rates all the time because this app automatically updates itself for current rates which is great. It could be better if it could update instantly instead of updating manually when needed but it is still a big ease that it updates once a day.


15 Jun 2020

It just works and updates our currencies automatically, without any hassle.

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