Proje Yönetimi

Project Management and Team Collaboration Software All in One.

This app allows you to manage teamwork and deliver projects timely. You can create unlimited projects, attach them to incomes and expense transactions, discuss with your team, upload files, and a lot more.


  • Get a bird's eye view of all your company projects
  • Create unlimited tasks and involve as many people as you want
  • Keep all your team's discussions in one place for easy reference
  • Allow your team to comment on projects and speedy feedback
  • See all of your project files in one place
  • Know every bit of the update in a project from the activities page
  • Attach invoices, revenues, bills, and payments to projects
  • Track the profit and loss per project from the overview page
  • Track the time spent on a task

Produce better work faster with your team.

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Geliştirici Sevan Nerse
Sürüm 3.0.10
Uyumluluk 1.x 2.x
Ekleme T. 19 Jun 2019
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Proje Yönetimi
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