ZATCA (S. Arabia)

by Mehmet Coban

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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has announced that e-invoicing (Fatoora) will be mandatory for taxpayers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beginning December 4, 2021. This process will be rolled out in two phases, with the first phase starting from 4 December 2021, and the second phase from 1 January 2023. But you won't need to worry about the new rules because Akaunting e-invoicing software makes it super easy for you to remain compliant with ZATCA regulations without investing all your time into it!

Phase 1, known as the Generation Phase, will require taxpayers to generate compliant tax invoices and notes using a compliant electronic system. As phase 1 requires, you can easily add a QR code to the invoice with the ZATCA SA app in Akaunting.

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