How to add new Category Type?

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  • Altafalbait    ( User ) 2 years ago


    I want to add a new Category type other than the list available. 

    How can I add new Category Type using GUI or using code?

  • Andy McBride    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Hi Altafelbait,


    You can add your desired categories using the Settings Menu. Select Settings, choose the Categories Menu item to display the available Catetories. You will see a Green Add New button at the top of the screen just above the Search field. Click the button and the rest should be easy to follow.


  • Altafalbait    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Sorry, I have asked about how to add new category type (income, expense, item, other) not about new category.

  • Batuhan Baş    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Hi Andy and Altafalbait,

    Altafbait actually for now as you say we don't have feature like that but thank you for feedback and idea. We will think about that.

    Have a nice day!

  • Altafalbait    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Thanks @Batuhan Baş   

    Can you please guide me how to add it ( a new category type ) programmatically? How can I access general.??? configs etc. Which files exactly I have to edit.




  • Tejo    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Altafalbait , the category type is currently hardcoded in controller: Categories.Should you need to add new type, you need to modify the code there.

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