Import bank statements

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  • Sree Nat    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Is there a option to import bank transactions in csv? this will help to recocile the invoices

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 2 years ago

    Not at the moment but will try to add to 1.2 version:

  • Marco Dings    ( User ) 1 year ago

    while i see a number of importing options for bills. customers, invoices, items, payments, revenues and vendors i fail to see where i could actually import a backfeed in the form of a cvs or xlsx file and do reconciling.

    am i not lookin inthe right place or did this feature not make it into 1.2.x to date ?

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 1 year ago

    It's not added into 1.2 release

  • Laz Peterson    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Hello there Denis, we're checking out Akaunting (beautiful, simple interface!), and I'm also interested in this feature.

    I noticed Akaunting is in Softaculous ... At our ISP (AISO), we'd love to see that feature added. Our plan is to send out a newsletter spotlighting some of the softwares that our users can install (stuff not on the front page), and think this would be an excellent addition to note.

    Anyhow, great work, we're still learning, but the clean UI has been very nice.  Cheers.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 1 year ago

    Hello Laz,

    Glad to see you liked Akaunting.

    We'll consider the Bank Reconciliation feature for the Akaunting 1.3 release


  • Laz Peterson    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Thanks Denis. Good luck!

  • Jim Fisk    ( User ) 1 year ago

    I'd also love to see this feature in order to run bank reconiliations efficiently. Thanks Denis!

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