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Database setup

Karol Kovalik   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi, hope you can guide me to a solution.

I downloaded the lastest stable 1.0.8. Unpacked into the root and launched the installer. Got only as far as step 2/3 where its simply not taking my:

  • - server (localhost)

  • - username (root)

  • - password (my password)

  • - database (aka)


Also I am quite confused by what I should put into the field Database field? Is this the DB prefix that will be created? I also tried to create the DB manualy using mysql CREATE DATABASE aka; but still no luck.


Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi Karol.

You should first create a database on your server. If you use MySQL then you can create it through phpMyAdmin tool.


Karol Kovalik   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Thank you Denis. I did create the Database. But just the database, no table structure. In case table structure is required, where do I find it?

Karol Kovalik   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

SOLVED: I did not have php-mysqli installed.

apt-get install php-mysql

did the trick.

Naveed Qamar   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi Denies, 

I have tried to install through Softaculous installer and it gives error while login. then I have download latest version (just today) and upload through ftp, created mysql database (user is automatically created) Now I am install Akaunting, it stucks on step 2. I am filling out the 

  • - server (live host server)

  • - username (as infinity server provided)

  • - password (my cPanel password is same database password)

  • - database (database name)

but it is not accepting the entries and gives error " Error: Could not connect to the database! Please, make sure the details are correct. "

Please help

Tukaram Khandgave   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

Hi Denies,

I have tried install akaunting 1.0.15 but in second step i got following db error

Please help.

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table `akaunting_db`.`#sql-1118_ce` (errno: 121 "Duplicate key on write or update") (SQL: alter table `apm_user_roles` add constraint `user_roles_role_id_foreign` foreign key (`role_id`) references `apm_roles` (`id`) on delete cascade on update cascade)

Half Bit   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

Hi Tukaram Khandgave

The database needs to be empty.

Amto   ( User )

Commented 2 years ago

I created database and filled all fields like database name, user and password correctly but after click next button, next admin section not open. Please suggest.

ECopyCorp Information Technology   ( User )

Commented 1 month ago

Sir, Good day Denis Duliçi ( Admin )
So far we have paid online for your AKAUNTING Like Inventory APPS and it is running and we do testing it.
Can you "Please help us to access the online database"
So much appreciate your response
Keep safe and God bless Sir.

Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 1 month ago

Hello Eymard,

Feel free to create a ticket from the following link; our staff will be happy to help.

Best regards

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