What are Apps

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You have access to over 100 financial and business solution apps on Akaunting, categorized into:

What are Apps: Akaunting App store
  • Feature Apps
  • Integrated Apps

Feature Apps

Feature apps are Akaunting’s native apps that the team has developed. They do not require any third-party authorization to function.

Examples of Akaunting’s native apps are Double-Entry, Bank Feeds, 2FA, Projects, CRM, Contracts, Employees, Inventory, Payroll, Calendar, and more.

Integrated Apps

Integrated apps are third-party apps by open-source developers. These apps fully function on Akaunting and provide seamless financial and business management processes.

Examples are Hubspot, Slack, Paypal, Foodics, Vonage, WooCommerce, and more.

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What are Apps

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