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26 Apr 2020

When all Akaunting apps work together it's wonderful. Support is always fast and helpful.


10 Apr 2020

I like the feature of creating groups to organize different assets. Creating groups really helps me keep my assets organized.

It makes monthly inventory checks a breeze and keeps our team accountable for things that break or go missing from inventory. Really great app.


31 Mar 2020

We went to Inventory app 3 months ago, and have been delighted with the simplicity of use, great tech support and the assistance that the team always gives us.


23 Feb 2020

Inventory integrates well with all aspects of our business in order for the data to 'make sense' to the accountants. The support team is very helpful in explaining the functions when we get stuck, which enables us to know the product better, and get more out of it.


13 Jan 2020

We looked at a ton of other inventory management programs and what I like best about this app is that they have built it into Akaunting. Other programs seem to create 2 workflow problems for every technical problem they try to solve or tout unique features that are of no use to a lot of companies. This app keeps it simple, communicates well with Akautning and has had a solution in place for most every problem I've brought to them.

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