Stok Yönetimi

by Akaunting Inc

The future of the Inventory management

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  • Unlimited installation

  • Updates & support during the subscription period

  • Secure cloud storage

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₺76 ₺53 per month

Billed yearly.

You save $456 $772 a year!

I want to use my own server.





15 Nov 2019

Finally an inventory application I can use for my small business. We have only 3 employees, and after doing some research I found that the features and the price are really great for our business.


21 May 2019

Such a great app, thank you!
Highly recommended


14 May 2019

Very very versatile app, I'm impressed by its features. It's wonderful how you can create item batches, groups, maintain inventory items and also do analysis, all at one place, without leaving Akaunting.


02 May 2019

Inventory has made it very easy for us to manage our orders and streamline inventory for all our outlets. We love the user-friendly interface and responsive support. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking for a simple yet effective solution.

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