Want to keep track of your manufacturing costs, inventory and customer orders? It’s easy with Fabrikatör, install this app and have better control over your manufacturing business!

Bridge the gap between customer orders, manufacturing and accounting!
Fabrikatör is a manufacturing management software designed specifically for small and middle businesses. It allows you to manage your inventory, backlog, and costs within minutes. Signup in 1 minute, onboard your business to Fabrikatör!

How Fabrikatör helps businesses to grow?

  • Manage your inventory professionally with Fabrikatör
  • Create BOM (bill of materials) for your products
  • Create manufacturing records, sync your cost and revenue to Akaunting
  • Manage your manufacturing tasks on a simple Kanban board
  • Run cost simulations for upcoming manufacturing tasks
  • Add unlimited users, collaborate with your colleagues 
  • Manage customer orders and link them to manufacturing records

This app will sync your inventory, products, and costs from Akaunting to Fabrikatör, instantly.

Thanks to Fabrikatör, you can keep an eye on the cost of each sales order, material, and product in an easy and transparent way! Also, you can see all your manufacturing tasks on a single screen, take control over, and master your production line! Finally, you can easily integrate your sales orders into your manufacturing process. Let them work in harmony, save time and money!

You can install this app from your Akaunting system.
Developer Fabrikatör
Version 1.0.1
Compatibility 2.x
Added 26 Apr 2020
Updated 2 months ago
Category Inventory
Documentation N/A