Managing Vendors

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From the Vendors page, you can perform several actions. The vendor’s page displays a summary of vendor transactions.

Managing Vendors

Managing Vendors:

  • Click Purchases on the Navigation menu.
  • Select Vendors from the dropdown to access the Vendors page.
  • Hover over a vendor to reveal Show, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete options.
  • Ticking a Vendor(s) checkbox displays options at the top of the vendor listing. You can Enable, Disable, Delete, or Export vendor(s).
Managing Vendors: Ticking a vendor's checkbox

Editing Vendor Details

From the Vendors page:

  • Click on a vendor to access the Vendor details page.
Vendors details page
  • The vendor’s page displays the Contact information, Open, Paid, or Overdue payments and Transactions.
  • Click on Edit at the top right corner to update vendor details.

You can create new Bills/Expenses from the vendor page. Created expenses are listed under the Transactions tab on the vendor’s page.

Managing Bills and Transactions from the Vendor’s Page

On a Vendor’s page, you can manage bills and transactions.

Managing the bills of a vendor

To manage bills from a vendor’s page:

  • Select a vendor from the Vendors page.
  • Under the Bills tab on the vendor’s page, hover over a bill number to see details at a glance.
  • Also, hovering over a bill reveals Edit, Duplicate, Print, Download PDF, and more options.

If a bill is unpaid, the option includes Add Payment.

Under the Transactions tab, you can see a combination of bills and expenses with a vendor.

See the transaction records of a vendor
  • Hover over a transaction to reveal the Show, Edit, Print, or Share link options.
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Managing Vendors

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