Creating a New Manual Journal

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Manually enter financial transactions to correct errors or adjust entries to reflect the true financial position of your business.

Record business transactions as debit or credit in more than one account. Transactions such as Sales, Purchases, Banking, etc., are listed on the Double Entry reports. However, you can create a Manual Journal if you still need to create an additional entry.

Creating a manual journal for a transaction may duplicate data in reports.

You need to Install or Purchase the Double Entry App to use the Manual Journals feature.

Creating a New Manual Journal:

  • Go to Double-Entry on the Navigation menu.
  • Select Manual Journals from the expanded menu options.
  • On the Manual Journals page, click New Manual Journal.
  • Enter the Date, Currency and write a Description.
  • Use Add a Line to list transactions in the Manual Journal.
  • Select an Account for the Line item, enter the Note, and Debit or Credit amount.
  • You can update the Manual Journal Number.
  • Select Basis – Accrual or Cash.
  • Enter a Reference, and Upload a document, if applicable.
  • Then, Save.

You can also Import Manual Journal entries into Akaunting.

To import Journal Entries:

  • On the Manual Journals page, click Import or the ellipses icon ellipses menu icon at the top left corner.
  • Select Import from the ellipses dropdown options.
  • On the Import Manual Journals page, Download the sample file and fill in the provided fields.

In the Journals tab of the excel sheet, you can enter the following:

  • Number
  • Issue Date
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Reference
  • Basis
Journals tab - Import Manual Journal entries

In the Journals ledgers tab of the Excel sheet, you can enter the following:

  • Number
  • Issued Date
  • Account
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Reference
  • Notes
journal ledgers
  • Save the file as XLS or XLSX.
  • Upload your file to Akaunting.
  • Click Import and wait for a few seconds. This may vary depending on the size of the data.

You’ll get a notification on the sidebar notification icon. Also, a confirmation will be sent to your email once the upload is completed.

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Creating a New Manual Journal

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