Customer Growth Report

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What is the Customer Growth Report?

A Customer Growth Report in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) summarizes your company’s customer base and growth over a specific period.

Customer Growth Report

It typically includes information such as the number of new customers acquired, leads, opportunities, subscribers, or any other stage defined in your customer journey.

The Customer Growth Report is an essential tool to track the effectiveness of customer acquisition and retention strategies and identify improvement areas.

You need to install the CRM app to get the Customer Growth report. After installation,

  • Go to Reports on the Navigation Menu.
  • On the Reports page, go to the CRM section.
  • Click Growth.
  • On the Growth report page, you can use the filters to set the following:
    • Financial year
  • After entering your preferred filters, hit the Enter Key on your keyboard to refresh and view an updated report.

You can switch the report chart from Timeline to Distribution by clicking the Distribution icon distribution icon.

Also, you can Print, Export or Schedule Growth reports from the top left corner of the page.

To schedule reports, you need the Schedule Reports app.

Check out how to schedule reports.

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Customer Growth Report

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