Customer Statement Report

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What is the Customer Statement Report?

The Customer Statement report gives a comprehensive report of your customers’ transactions.

You can Identify loyal or high-spending customers by analyzing their statements and setting up your reward campaigns accordingly.

Customer Statement Report

The Customer statement generally includes the opening balance, the invoiced amount, the amount paid, and available credit. Also, see the customer’s details, such as name, email address, office address, and any other saved information.

You need to install the Customer Statement app to get the Customer Statement report. After installation,

  • Go to Sales on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Customers from the expanded menu options.
  • Click a customer you wish to generate a customer statement for.
  • On the Customer detail page, Click Statement at the top right corner.
  • Pick a Date range for the customer statement.
  • Then, Save.
  • Click on Send Email at the top right corner if you wish to send the Customer statement to the customer. The customer must have a saved email address.

You can also Print or Download the Customer Statement report by clicking the ellipses ellipses menu icon menu option and selecting the preferred action.

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Customer Statement Report

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