Printing a Payslip

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You need the Payroll feature to run payrolls and Print payslips on Akaunting. Check out how to install or purchase an app on Akaunting.

Printing a payslip on Akaunting

Printing a Payslip is only possible after running the Payroll process:

  • Go to HR on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Payroll > Pay Calendars from the dropdown options.
  • Hover over a Pay calendar to reveal Run Payroll.
  • Select Run Payroll.

On the New Run Payroll Employees tab:

  • Define the duration you want to run the payroll using the Date picker. Use Payment Date to set a day for payment.
  • Click Advanced to set the Payment name, Category, Account, and Payment method.
  • Click Next.

On the Variable Input tab:

  • Select the Employee
  • Add Benefits and Deductions if applicable. These are automatically added or deducted from the overall Employee payment.
  • Click Next.

On the Payslips tab:

  • Select the employee.
  • Click on Print to print the payslip.
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Printing a Payslip

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