Running Payroll

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You need to install the Payroll feature to run payrolls on Akaunting. Check out how to install or purchase an app on Akaunting.

To start Running Payroll:

  • Go to HR on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Payroll > Pay Calendars from the dropdown options.
  • Hover over a Pay calendar to reveal the Run Payroll, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete options.
Running payroll on Akaunting
  • Select Run Payroll.

On the New Run Payroll Employees tab:

  • Define the duration you want to run the payroll using the Date picker. Use Payment Date to set a day for payment.
Employee tab on payroll
  • Click Advanced to set the Payment name, Category, Account, and Payment method.
  • Click Next.

On the Variable Input tab:

  • Select the Employee
Variable input on Payroll
  • Add Benefits and Deductions if applicable. These are automatically added or deducted from the overall Employee payment.
  • Click Next.

On the Payslips tab:

  • Select the employee.
  • Click on Print to print the payslip if applicable.
Print payslips on Payroll
  • Click Next.

On the Approval tab:

  • Pick a payment date.
  • Click Approve.

The Attachments tab allows you to upload an attachment if applicable. Then, Save.

The payment is made and recorded in your accounting transactions.

Also, from the Payment page, click on the ellipses menu icon ellipses menu icon to Connect payment to a Bill, Print, or Send as an email.

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Running Payroll

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