Importing Customer list to Akaunting

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Akaunting makes it easy to import your customers manually and track transactions with your business.

Importing Customer list to Akaunting

Importing Customer list:

  • Go to Sales on the Navigation menu.
  • Select Customers from the expanded options.
  • On the Customers page, click Import or the ellipses icon ellipses menu icon at the top left corner.
  • Select Import from the ellipses dropdown options.
  • On the Import Customers page, Download the sample file and fill in the necessary fields – Name, Email, Tax number, Phone number, Country, State, etc.

It’s necessary to fill in TRUE in the Enabled column. Please note that 500 is the maximum row allowed for import data.

  • Save the file as XLS or XLSX.
  • Upload your file to Akaunting.
  • Click Import and wait for a few seconds. This may vary depending on the size of the data.

You’ll get a notification on the sidebar notification icon. Also, a confirmation will be sent to your email once the upload is completed.

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Importing Customer list to Akaunting

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