Managing Transfer Orders

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When managing transfer orders, you can Enable, Disable, View, Edit, Print, Download, Cancel, or Delete entries. The Transfer Order page shows a summary of Transfer Orders and their statuses.

Managing Transfer Orders

Use the Search Bar to Filter Transfer Orders by Date and Warehouse.

  • Editing a Transfer order
  • Changing the status of a Transfer order

Editing a Transfer Order:

  • Go to Inventory on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Transfer Order from the expanded menu options.
  • On the Transfer Order page, hover over a Transfer for the options to View, Edit, Print, etc.
  • Click Edit.
  • You can make changes to the General and Items fields.
  • Then, Save.

Changing the Status of a Transfer Order:

When you create a Transfer Order, the default status is Draft.

Changing the Status of a Transfer Order
  • Click a Transfer Order from the list to view the details page.
  • The Transfer Order Details page has the following options:
  • Create: Edit the Transfer Order
  • Ready to Transfer: Click Ready to update the status to Ready.
  • In Transfer: Click In Transfer to update the Status to In Transfer.
  • Transferred: Click Transferred to confirm the completion of the Transfer and update the status accordingly.

Access more options by Clicking the ellipses menu icon ellipses menu icon at the top right corner.

You can Print, Download PDF or Delete a Transfer Order.

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Managing Transfer Orders

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