Viewing and Updating Warehouse

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Get an overview of a Warehouse, such as available stock, transfer order history, Income, and Expenses.

You need to Install or Purchase the Inventory App for the Warehouse feature.

Viewing and updating warehouse:

  • Go to Inventory on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Warehouses from the expanded menu options.
  • Click a Warehouse to view the details page.

The details page has the following information:

  • Contact details: See the Warehouse’s address, email, location, phone number, and total items.
Viewing and Updating Warehouse
  • Transaction information: See the total stock number, Income, and Expenses.
  • Stock Line chart: Representing changes in available stock.
  • History: See a history of warehouse sales.
  • Histories: See a history of Created items, Transfer Orders, Expenses, and Invoices.

You can update details of the Warehouse by clicking Edit at the top left corner.

Export the details of a Warehouse or Delete by clicking the ellipses menu icon ellipses menu icon at the top left corner.

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Viewing and Updating Warehouse

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