Making Adjustments to Inventory

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What are Adjustments in Inventory Management?

Adjustments are changes to the quantity or value of inventory items in stock. These adjustments can be positive or negative, and they ensure that the inventory records accurately reflect the actual amount of inventory on hand.

Adjustments in inventory management can occur for several reasons, including physical inventory counts, damaged or lost items, returns or exchanges, and spoilage or expiration.

On Akaunting, making adjustments to inventory items keep stock records up-to-date. You’ll need to Install or Purchase the Inventory App for this feature.

Making Adjustments to Inventory:

  • Go to Inventory on the Navigation Menu.
  • Select Adjustments from the expanded menu options.
  • Click New Adjustment.
  • Enter the Adjustment number and Date.
  • Select the Warehouse and Reason for Adjustment.
  • Write a Description if applicable.
  • Then, Save.
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Making Adjustments to Inventory

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