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Add or Edit default currencies for transactions.

Adding Currencies:

  • Go to Settings on the sidebar.
Adding currencies to Akaunting
  • Click Currencies.
  • Click New Currency on the Currencies page.
  • Enter the required details:
    • Name – Give your new currency a name.
    • Code – Select a currency code. You can also search for currency codes using the search box.
    • Rate – The rate is based on the dollar.
    • Precision – The number of digits expressing the currency value, including digits to the left and the right of any decimal point.
    • Symbol – Add a currency symbol. You can search for the symbol on Wise.
    • Position – Define the symbol position.
    • Decimal place – Define the number of decimal places.
    • Decimal separator
    • Toggle On/Off as the default currency.
  • Enable, Disable, Edit, or Delete listed Taxes from the Taxes Page.
  • Click on a currency you want to Edit and update information on the Currency details page. Then, Save.

Switch Right or Left the Toggle button at the top of the Currency Details Page to Enable/Disable a currency.

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